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Yo, all you Fairy Tail fans, when you visit this site, make sure you keep the room nice and bright, and sit back from the screen, kay?

Hey people, here`s some quick things about this site. It`s very, very incomplete, since i recently started (june 2010), but know this, I`m working on it, and if some of you visitors help me out a bit, that would make this site grow in no time. Now here are a few points about this site:

- No information from anything besides the Fairy Tail anime, so no manga spoilers, or information that has nothing to do with Fairy Tail at all

- If you make changes to this site, and I disagree, or I don`t like the way it`s written (baka perfectionistic people) I might change it, so don`t go hating me kay?

- I do not own any of the information, pictures, whatsoever

- I chose to show little information on this page, since it`s the homepage (or so I think) and it musn`t contain spoilers

I think I`m clear, enjoy this site, and remember: "If you`re a man, You make The Car sick" (Elfman talking to Natsu)

Main StorylineEdit

After a few incidents in a small town, the young wizard Natsu Dragneel, invites the celestial wizard Lucy Heartfilia to join the wizard guild Fairy Tail. She accepts his offer, and together with Gray, Erza, and the talking cat Happy, they form one of Fairy Tail`s strongest team`s, that takes on jobs. Together they go through a lot of adventures, and meet a lot of people.

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